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Main types of bottle brush, cup brush, cleaning brush,  etc.
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The domestic brand of the brush industry has been deeply researching the industry trends and customer needs, and constantly improving the company's development, on-the-job, fast and innovative.
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We have always believed that a good service and a positive and optimistic team can create better benefits.
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Adhere to the use of good quality raw materials, each product's material procurement has been strictly selected and tested, carefully designed and sincere service.
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In the past 30 years, Shida Brush Company has continuously up
dated its pattern products, with complete varieties, good quality and sufficient quantity.

OUR ADVAVTAGE Caring for children to grow, starting with cleaning

Soft and not hurting the cup
A wide variety of varieties
Simple and convenient appearance
THREE CHARACTERISTICSGet care for every stage of your child's growth
Bottle brush series
Cleaning brush series
Baby shower comb
Teat brush series

Focus on providing customers with good quality products, caring service
Sihui Shida Baby Product CO.LTD.  is a Chinese owned and operated manufactory since 1988 .Shida is about innovative ,stylish and functional baby product that helps parents and carers have enjoyable time in nursery and care.We are pround of our 'Dacheng" brand with  popular and famous reputation in our domestic market,In the meantime,we also build partnership with lots of brand from Europe, North America;South America,Asia,Middle East and Australia. Shida is known as a good factory in variety of Baby bottle brush,Nipple brush, Straw brush,Glass/Cup brush,multifunctional cleaning brush ,various quality baby and mother care accessories and product.  

A well-arranged company’s interior has many meanings.Its quality, style ,responsibility and enviromental.We are aware that we can only achieve our goals  through  communication and good experience by our partner. Shida will be known for providing a good service and a high level product to meet your satisfaction, where we have respect for our customers and other partners with their needs/feedbacks.Our inspirations comes from the world around us ,translating it into original look and unique design.

Shida‘s products meet IS09000 standard and have passed the evaluation of SGS, ROHS, CE, REACH to meet high standard from each partner. Welcome all the customers  to participate in our creations to Make  Care Baby Easier and Funny!


Focus on providing customers with good quality products, caring service

Every dynamic is the focus of our attention
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Sihui Shida Brush Co., Ltd.
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Specializing in the production of various types of bottle brush, cup brush, cleaning brush, dish brush, pot brush
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